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What is exponential?

Exponential is an incubation program designed for students in the science, technology, engineering, and mathematics fields. Its goal is to boost the qualifications of recent graduates and produce professionals who can meet the shortage of skilled talent in the IT industry. This is a three-stage program designed to accelerate know-how maturation. During the initial, or bootstrap stage, we bring our freshmen up to speed on the latest technologies and methodologies used in modern development environments. The second stage, the launch-pad, involves imparting an understanding of overall stack architecture and deepening knowledge in specific interest areas. The final stage, which we call the airborne phase, involves mastering a specific stack layer and its related frameworks.


up to speed with the latest


in-depth knowledge


mastery of the stack

Meeting industry demands

Our approach lays out a combination of different specialization paths for candidates to pursue based on our analysis of industry trends, overall demand for technology and, of course, personal preference. We begin our program with total immersion. That is, our freshmen live and breathe code intensively. We embed our new crew members with seasoned developer workgroups from the get-go. This allows knowledge transfer to occur organically through hands-on experience on real projects. We supplement this experience with technical clinics, partner project collaborations and certification programs. This bootstrap phase, which we consider the most critical stage, concludes when the freshmen demonstrate proficiency in using tools and techniques in producing high-quality code. At this point, our freshmen have logged at least two thousand project code hours.

The only sustainable approach to scalability.

During the second and third phases of our program, we focus on specialization through a series of short-duration, high-intensity clinics. We also encourage cross collaboration through mentorship of fellow crew members, creating a virtuous cycle. Our efforts eventually catapult our senior developers to top-tier projects and positions through our network of business partners.

Crew members in this program concentrate on learning cutting-edge technologies and methodologies, while fully transitioning to the IT industry. Our focused approach helps them acquire knowledge and skills to achieve long-term goals and create value for customers. This means maximizing potential in the shortest time possible. For the industry, the influx of qualified brainpower from our program equates to efficiency and scalability. That is, value at a reasonable cost.